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Earn Money Online with YouTube

So, you want to make money using the world's most popular video sharing platform - great idea! But how much money can be made from YouTube in the first place? Fortunately, the good guys at Influencer Marketing Hub have created a YouTube Money Calculator, an online tool which allows anyone to estimate the amount of money that can be earned, based on the number of daily video views and the average engagement rate.

Visit the site, and then drag the two sliders until they match your projected number of views and engagement rate; to give you an idea, the tool estimates that you can earn $855 - $1425 per month for a single video that is viewed by 20,000 people each day and has an engagement rate of 50%. I would say that this isn't too shabby for a single video, because you'd get ten times more money if you created ten different videos, and so on.

Please note that I'm not saying you will be able to create ten videos that get a total of 200,000 views per month right off the bat. It can be done, but nobody can guarantee that. Nevertheless, this article was written with the goal of maximizing your chances to earn more dollars from YouTube.

The main idea is that if you want to make money using video, you need to be awesome, and your YouTube videos need to teach and/or entertain people. To achieve this goal, you will need to be relevant to your target audience. What do these people like, how old are they, what kind of clothes do they wear, what phones do they own? Write down as many questions as possible, and then answer them. Fortunately, YouTube's analytics system will provide some of this information later on, after you have created a few videos and people have watched them.

There are several ways to make money on YouTube. The most straightforward method is to earn money by displaying YouTube ads alongside your videos. To become a partner, you will need to have a channel with at least 1,000 subscribers. Hopefully, some of these people will watch and/or click the ads, because you won't get any money if they choose to skip them.

Additionally, you can get revenue from YouTube Premium, a recently launched platform which displays ad-free content. If your videos are viewed by YouTube Premium members, you will get paid as well. You will earn much more from regular ads, though.

It goes without saying that sexually suggestive videos, violence, inappropriate language, controversial subjects, and so on, are forbidden on YouTube. Don't worry, you will be notified in case that your content isn't suitable, and thus gets flagged.

If the channel takes off, you can create and sell your own merchandise. There are lots of products that can be sold online; think t-shirts, bags, and so on. To automate the process, hire a designer to create great graphics for your t-shirts, and then use a print-on-demand service provider that ships the merchandise and takes care of customer support.

More than this, if you've got lots of subscribers (tens of thousands, or more) you can work with various brands as an influencer. Companies invest a lot of money in influencer marketing these days, because they know that people engage with video creators in larger and larger numbers.

Since you are a creator, so you will get to negotiate the deal terms. It is estimated that businesses will pay about $15 - $30 to have their merchandise displayed in videos produced by micro-influencers who have about 1,000 subscribers. Things start to look much more exciting when your channel reaches 10,000 subscribers or more, of course.

Don't forget to promote your videos using other platforms, including the most popular social media sites. The more digital platforms you use to spread the news, the greater your chances to earn more money from the same video.